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About Us

Shashi's Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking Classes are managed and taught by Shashi.

Shashi was raised in a religious home and was surrounded by a large extended family. Her granduncle, an Ayurvedic Vaidha and a skilled cook, ensured that each meal in her home was cooked according to strict Ayurvedic principles. She started learning cooking with great interest at very early age under his guidance.

Immigrating to Canada in 1980 along with her children, Shashi was one of the first to introduce St. John's, NF to Indian cuisine, meditation and yoga through various volunteering activities at community centres and schools.

After successfully graduating with a Diploma in "Food Administration" in 1987, she opened her own restaurant "Shashi's International Gourmet" in 1991 where she served her own popular style of Indian cuisine. After numerous requests from her customers, Shashi began teaching vegetarian Indian cooking.

In 1996 she moved to Hamilton, Ontario where she provided catering services and started her own skin care line Aromatic Body Care based on Ayurvedic Herbs. Now residing in Toronto since 1999, she teaches a very popular Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking course in the city that emphasizes healthy, nutritionally balanced cuisine based on Ayurvedic principles.