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World Famous Chutneys

Recipe ideas

Chutney Bruchetta
- On toasted or baked French bread spread some extra virgin olive oil and top with our Coriander Chutney.

- Marinate Vegetables, tofu, or Meat for 1 hour using our Coriander, Date and Ginger or Tamarind chutney.
-Grill or cook with the chutney as per normal.

Bean Salad
- Combine ¼ cup of our Coriander Chutney with 1 can of chick peas drained and washed for a yummy bean salad. Again be creative instead of chick peas use a can of kidney beans or both!

Potato Salad
-Try adding our Coriander chutney to your favourite potato salad recipe.

Chip and Chutney
-Serve tortilla chips or other chips with our chutney, it will be a hit at any event.

Chutney and cheese sandwich
- Instead of using butter or mayo on your bread spread our Coriander Chutney. Add your favourite cheese. Cheese: Try cheddar, Gouda, mozzarella. Bread: any bread can be used. Try whole-wheat, Rye, or French. Be creative combine what you like with what is available in your refrigerator.

Tomato and cheese sandwich
- Add thinly sliced ripe red tomatoes to the above sandwich. Vine ripened Ontario tomatoes are the incredible for these sandwiches.

Grilled Chutney & Cheese sandwich
- If you feel like something hot then put your sandwich in a hot sandwich maker for 2 minutes. Or in a skillet melt a pat of butter and cook the sandwich on both sides until the cheese is melted. If you’re in a hurry microwave your sandwich for 15-30 seconds. Both plain and tomato sandwiches are great heated.

If you have other recipe ideas, be sure to email them to us -- [email protected]