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Shashi’s Indian Cooking presents our
World Famous Chutneys

Our chutneys are made using my Naani’s (Hindi for grandmother) recipes, passed down from mother to daughter for generations. We use the best handpicked ingredients. We roast our spices immediately before adding them to our chutneys.

At our home chutneys are sweet, sour and spicy condiments that accompany all meals to add that extra flavour to the meal. They can also be used to marinate what ever you like to eat. Chutneys can be fresh or cooked and are made with variety of ingredients that are in season. They can be thin or chunky and can be made with fruits and vegetables.

Most coriander chutneys are meant to be consumed immediately. We have combined traditional ingredients with naturally occurring preservatives such as sea salt to give our Coriander Chutney a longer refrigerated live.

Our Tamarind Chutney and Date and Ginger Chutney are tangy sweet chutneys that will add that extra zing to any marinate. Again we have used naturally occurring preservative in this case sugar to preserve our Tamarind Chutney.

Hint: Always keep our chutneys refrigerated. For best flavour consume our coriander chutney within 2 weeks of purchase. Consume our Tamarind and Date and Ginger Chutneys within 4 weeks.

Want to learn fun and delicious ways to use our chunteys? Visit our Chutneys Recipes page.