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Testamonials from Actual Students

Still not sure if this is the right type of course for you? Are you really going to learn something? Well, take a look at what students of our courses have said on that matter:

"Just a short note to say thank you for great course. I was very impressed with your hands on teaching method. The entire experience was first rate." -- Ron
"Much thanks for a fantastic class - and opening my eyes and tastebuds to the large world of spices!" --- Lucy
"...Thank you very much again for Level 1 and Level 2!!! I really enjoyed all the sessions and thought you were a wonderful instructor. I learned a lot, and I appreciated your patience, support and encouragement! I look forward to the Level 3 classes...."
--- M.H.
"Thanks so much, Shashi. I enjoyed the classes and your delightful instruction. "
--- Tara
"Dear Shashi, Thank you so much for introducing me to the art of spice layering. I had a lot of fun in your class and I will practice, practice, pratice. Always,"
--- T.J.
"Shashi, thanks for a wonderful experience. Each week's class brightened my day. Best Wishes."
--- Andrea
"Shashi - thank you so much for a wonderful culinary experience. The food and the conversations were fabulous! I only wish that I'd been able to make it to all of the classes"
--- K.H.
"Shashi, Thank you for a wonderful class. We learned a lot and had a great time. The food is fantastic. I am going to miss Wednesday nights."
--- Gillian
"Dear Shashi, I enjoyed your class immensely - you area a fun, intelligent woman with lots of patience and kindness in your heart! Best wishes."
--- Laura
"Shashi, You are a beautiful, creative, inspiring woman. Thank you for sharing your love for life and cooking with me. Best Wishes,"
--- Jessica


These are real letters, comments on cards or emails received by us.